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Composting Centre

Backyard_plastic_composter  We are considering developing a demonstration Centre for composting.  At present we have four different composting systems, a hot composting system, a bear proof composter, two vermi composters and a retail backyard composting system.  Information on the systems is available through signage and through demonstrations in our garden.

Making and using compost is an essential part of creating and maintaining a healthy garden. It recycles the nutrients that have been reduced by harvesting into the soil, which then benefits the next crop. It also works as a soil conditioner, breaking up heavy clay soil to improve aeration and root access to water and nutrients. In sandy soils it helps to increase water and
nutrient availability by providing bulk Compost is also a source of earthworms and many other small organisms such as bacteria and fungi which are beneficial to the soil.

Vermicomposting is another method of composting that the CRC is using. It consists of keeping red wriggler worms in an enclosed bin filled with some “bedding” materials and feeding them kitchen scraps on a regular basis. The worms eat the kitchen scraps and then produce the compost! The CRC bins have recently been expanded and refined to make it easier to move the worms aside when it’s time to remove the compost. Calculations have been done to determine the amount of food required by the worms we currently have, and signage will be posted in the kitchen to help facilitate the process.